February 21, 2006

OKONOMIYAKI - whatever you like o(^ ^)o

OKONOMIYAKI means "whatever you like" in Japanese.

As it is, you can mix with whatever you want, such as meat, leaks, cabbage, seafood, etc....

Fist of all, mix with cabbage, one cup of warter and two cups of flour (OKONOMIYAKI mix is better which is selling in japanese store).

Tip is to ground yam and mix with them.

Put (a)the mixed cabbage with flour&warter and yam down flat in hot iron plate. You can grill (b)bite-sized meat with them, and you can put (a) on (b) when you turn upside down.

On top of that, add brend sauce('OTAFUKU' sauce is better), mayonnaise, and KATSUO-BUSHI...

ENJOY before it gets cold o(^o^)o


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