February 22, 2006

Food experience: NORTH-Korean FOOD (*o*)

Have you had N-korean food? Well, I am not sure for any border line of food between South and North...however, this is what I had at restaurant ran by North-korea nation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is not about Japanese food, but let me introduce my experience as extra(*^^*)

I was so nervous to talk to them, because ALL customers in the restaurant were all MEN. I guess here is well known as beautiful waitress(weightless?). I had expected dance show by them, but not at that day...but seems like if you reserve it, you may be able to see dance-show by ladies. Anyway, I was impressed with their politeness and treated me, even though I am not 'MAN'.

Here's are appetizer. Healthy....but good taste. Those are for free...(actually I dont remember well(^^;)

I ordered CHIGE soup. Hot, spicy soup contained TOFU, meat, and some chopped begitables. Made me very warm.


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