February 07, 2009

Hot & sour soup (^___~)v

Suan la tang is one of my favorite Chinese food. This is sour, hot and healthy to ease my stress! It is good with Chinese noodle in it.
Ingredients: mashrooms(Japanese shiitake, Shimeji etc), Tofu, egg, ginger, green onion, pork back ribs, shirimp, chicken stock, starch, hot sesami oil, black vinegar, and black pepper.

Separate and cut mashrooms into small quantity. Mince ginger and green onion.

Chop pork and shimp as well. Heat a small pan with sesami oil and saute mashrooms only until wilted.

In another pan, heat salad oil with ginger and green onion untill smell. Add chopped pork and shrimp and fry them well. Add chicken stock about 200-300cc and Tofu after boiled.

Mix with mashrooms from another pan. Skim the scum. Add 2-3 tbls of black vinegar and soy sauce. Add more with tasting as you like(Usually I add more vinegar). Mix starch with water to add thickness, egg and two tbls of sesami hot oil & black pepper at last.

Enjoy with fried jiao-zi(dumpling) ! This is really good to warm your body and ease your pain(?).


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