March 06, 2006

OZONI (#^ ^)/

This looks strange?! Here's MOCHI we Japanese love!

My OZONI is a little bit different from authentic one, because I simmered with meat, carrots and leek like "SUKIYAKI style".

Grill Mochi like this:

During grilling, cook chopped leek with sesami oil gently, and add one-bite size meat, carrots and you may add spinich if you like.Add also two cup of warter, soy-source, little bit sake, and two spoon sugar. Boil them gently until tender. Put grilled Mochi in a bowl and add the soup into as well.

ENJOY (#^0^)/~

*Remember, one single rice(not lice) cake is equivallent to two bowl of rice! means...high calorie...(@_@)


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