February 23, 2009

Sleety hot pot (^0^)v

Mizore(sleety) Nabe (hot pot)
It is called Mizore nabe because it looks like sleet/mixture of rain and snow. Grated radish makes simple but warm your body well. It delight the eye as much as the palate!
Ingredients: Potherb mustard, chicken breast, tofu, green onion, oage(freid tofu), Japanese radish, chicken stock, sake, soy sauce and dried kelp.
Make some cut in kelp with scissors to take the flavor well, and soak it in a pot at least half an hour and turn heat. In the mean time, chop chicken and cut vegitables.
Peel radish and process them in food-processor. Add chicken stock, a tbls of soysace and take skelp out before boil.
Put all of vegitables, and add grated white radish at last. Adjust with soy sauce and sake with tasiting.
Very plain taste, but can savor of individual items.


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