March 17, 2009

Cheeeese-in meat balls (^3~)v

Easy to eat, and can be refrigerated storage for the time you are too busy to cook, or for one item of lunch box to make in the morning: to recommend cheese-in meat balls.
Ingredient: process cheese, ground meat 200g, onion 1/4, salad oil for deep fry, ketchup 1/2 cup, shire sauce, a cup of red wine, salt and pepper.

Minced onions well. Before mix with ground meat, season with salt&pepper and knead ground meat by hand very well, then mix with minced onion.

Make small balls. Don't forget to put process cheeze in it. If you want storage, put them into a plastic back at this stage.

Heat salad oil till 180c and fry them for a couple of mins and drain extra oil well.
In the mean time, heat read wine to allow alcohol to flame and cook out well, and then add ketchup and shire sauce with tasting. Finally put fried balls into this pan.
Men and women, young and old must love it!


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