December 22, 2009

Barbecued chicken breast

Good combination of Chinese style 'char sir' and Japanese taste.
Ingredients: chicken breast 200-300g, eggs, qing-geng-cai(any chinese or green vegitable), a tea bag, chopped ginger, sesami oil, Chinese hot beans paste, and 2 tbsp of miso(beans paste), soy sauce, mirin(sweet sake) and vinegar.

Boil chicken breast for 20 mins with a tea bag, which makes them soft.
Mix 2 tbsp of miso(Japanese beans paste), vinegar, soy sauce and mirin(sweet sake)(*1).

Make boiled egg in another pan. Tip is add a little of vegar to avoid egg shell broken during boil.
Put chopped ginger, Chinese hot beans paste and sesami oil in a pan and turn heat. Once smell, add miso paste sauce(*1) and mix well.

Turn off the heat and put boiled chicken and eggs in. Close the lid and leave them at least 1hr(flip occasionally).
Serve with green vegitable. Taste good eaten cold!


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