June 03, 2008

Rich food island : IKI


I went to Iki island last month, where is a part of Nagasaki prefecture and lying between Kyusyu and Tsushima islands. Here's food experience in Iki.

AWABI (abalone).
I went to Sushi restaurant(Mimasu-Sushi) in the city of Iki. Since they do fishing themselves and make them the same day, this place is well known as fresh seafood. Ordered AWABI(abelone) that is one of my favorites. They brought alive abelone from their tank behind and devided shells. She recommended to have half of them is for butter saute and other part for sushi because of freshness, so we followed her offer.

Butter saute was served first. Small fire on sea salt kept shell warm. I was impressed to see rice in the bottom of shell, because this plays an important role to keep soup inside and sealed small holes of shell. The rice is very tasty I have never had. I asked her how she cooked it, but kept as business secret because of their original. The rice tasted a little bit sweet, but matched with any kind of raw fish. Awabi is chewy and juicy. Amazing combination of the white part and tasty rice.

Here's Awabi Sushi. No needless to say, DELICIOUS. Amazingly DELICIOUS.
Two set of Iki-gyu(meat) Sushi were served. Meat was grilled. JUICY.

Other kinds of Sushi and Sashimi are all absolutely fresh and delicious.

I have had Sushi place a lot in my life so far, but this place will be ranked as top 1 or 2. They know what is seasonal fish as well as how-to-cook delicious part of fish/seafood as keeping original taste. Flavored Sushi rice also enhance dishes.
Iki island is not accessable, but ship from Kyusyu-island, far from Tokyo, but this is the place to go. It is really worth it.


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