March 06, 2008

Winter melon with crabmeat sauce (^ ^

Togan(winter melon) comes from China that 95% contains of water. It is well known as diurectic effect and diet food because of low calorie. Contains Vitamin C.
Ingredients: Togan, green vegees (spinich or pok choy, etc), can of crabmeat, Chinese consomme, and starch with water.

Peel and remove seeds by spoon and cut into one-bite size. Put them in a pan and pour water just enough to cover and cook them until soften.

Cut green vegie. Cook soup with chinese consomme in a small pan and mix with green and crabmeat including its juice, and adjust taste with salt and soy sauce if you want. After cooked, mix with a tbls of starch with water.

Put cooked Togan in a bowl and add the crabmeat sauce on and serve.


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