January 14, 2008


Kurikinton is mashed sweet potato with chestnut. One of Osechi-ryori and good accent as the brilliant color.
Ingredients*** Sweet potato, chestnut, Flower of Kuchinashi(Gardenia), syrup and blown shugar of 2 tbls.

Peel sweet potate, cut into small and put them into a pan with water. In the mean time, put a flower of Kuchinashi in a tea/coffee bag or any small bag and smash a little bit from outside for its color to come out during boiling.

Put the bag into a pan and boil with sweet potate until soften. You will see the potato color is getting changed to brilliant yellow by the Gardenia.

Take the Gardenia bag out and mash potato well. Add 1/3 cup of water, syrup and sugar. Mix well. Turn heat to small and simmer for few min.

Add stewed chestnuts and blend well.

This seemed to become a part of Osechi because it looks like "Gold" by the color so that Kuchinashi is highly needed. Those gorgeous color is believed to be a good omen of having at the beginning of a year!


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