April 13, 2008


There're many kinds of Chinese fried noodle recipe in Japan, but this is one of popular menus: Gomoku Chuka-men which has a sauce of vegitable, pork and seafood over a noodle.
Ingredients: pobbed peas, carots, Chinese cabbage, dried mashrooms, pork, shirmps, quail's eggs, squid, Chinese soup, Shaoxing wine, soy-sauce, starch, salt and pepper.
Soak dried mashroom in water for hours. Cut all of vegees into bite-size.

Season chopped pork, shrimp and squid with salt&pepper, soy sauce and sake before cooked.

Mix with 1& 1/2 cup of Chinese soup, one tbls of chicken stock, Shaoxing, soy-sauce and salt&pepper. Combined all of seasonings beforehand is basic to make Chinese dish.

Now starts to cook! Heat salad oil well. Cook pork, seafood first, and then add vegitable. Cook well and add starch with water to make sick sauce at last.

Heat salad oil in another pan, and bake Chinese noodle of both sides for few mins. Serve noodle in a plate and put sauce over it.
It takes time to prepare of cut/seasonings/making sauce, but cooking time is not taken much once all prepared.


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