June 12, 2008

Slimy healthy Bowl (@_@)

Neba neba(slimy) bowl

Ingredients:Japanese ginger, okura, cucumber, egg plants, red pepper, natto(fermented soy beens), salt & pepper, steamed white rice and dry seaweed.

Mince Myoga(Japanese ginger) and red pepper. Remove inside seeds.
Cut eggplants and cucumber into 1 inch dice. Slice okura.

Mix red pepper, okura and Japanese ginger well and add cucumber and eggplant into gruel. Mix Natoo with mastard into gruel in another bowl.

Put a cup of steamed rice into a bowl, vegee and Natto. On top of that, garnish dry seaweed before served.

Flavoring ingredients such as Japanese ginger and redpepper are strong accent. It sharpen your appetite in such a hot humid rainy season. Okura contains pectine which effects to decrease level of sugar in blood as well as regulate the functions of the intestines. Eating uncooked egg plants are unique in texture. Enjoy each distinct part and funny harmony!


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