May 02, 2006

Butani (@_@)

"Buta" means Pork, and "ni" means boiled.

After tying block of pork belly with kite string, boiling gently for about an hour with soysource, brown sugar, warter, sake and sweet cooking rice sake.

You can boil with soft-boiled eggs and green vegitables like spinach for side dish. String around pork is important to maintain the firmness during boiling. As you already notice from my previous receipe, we usually use Japanese "sake" for cooking(mostly boiling dishes). It enhance "umami" of pork more(umami is known as the fifth taste sensation).

Yummy....!(^3^) Fatty?! If you think, you can boil pork first, throw the boiled warter out, and boiling with seasinings, so that you can take fatty things out.


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