May 23, 2006

Croquette -french? (?_?)

I am not familiar with French food....but croquette is actually French food? I belived it was Japanese one until I learn about croquette/post photos in my weblog :-p (Actually I've never seen 'croquette' liseted in menu at French restaurant, even though literally looks French:-(

First of all, I cooked onion and ground meat until brown, and mixed with mashed potatos. Add more juicy ground meat if you are not vegitalian.

After making balls of meat&potatoes, dressed with flower, egg and bread crumbs. Usually I make bread crumb from a sliced bread by a food processor because of remaining more moisture. Fry them in oil until crisp. If you may want make batter thicker, fry again after dressing with as the same way. Tip for succesful is to fry until 'crisp'.

You may want add white sauce inside before make 'Creamy croquette'! or can be 'Curry croquette!'. Can be added more vegitables like carrot or green things to make Vegitable croquette:-D Croquette is very easy to make your original one based on smashed potatoes.

Enjoy with Brown sauce or soy sauce...!


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