August 12, 2007

Fry summer vegee (@_@

Simple, but very easy to get some kinds of summer vegee!
Prepare for ; red paprica, pampkins, eggplants, gumbo(okra) and pork thighs.

Cut them into bite-size. Make shallow slits on eggplants, and rid of hard parts around of okra, also do the same small cut like eggplants.
Coat porks with flour. Making souce; mix well with grind ginger and 1 cup of dashi. Prefer Katsuo-dashi.

Heat salad oil until 180 degree.

Fry eggplant, okra and paprica for 20sec, and pork and pampkin 2mins.

As soon as take them from heat oil, drain oil and soak them into dashi sauce and wrap over at least 1 min to be flavored.
If you fry them longer, will be oily and too soft...
Good on cold Udon(Japanese wheat noodle) or soba as a side menu!!


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