March 17, 2007

Tsuna-Jaga ^_____^

Easy, Delicious and Wa-taste!

Ingredients: 4 Jagaimo(potatoes), 3tbls sugar, 2 tbls soy-sauce, mirin(sweet sake), sake and 3 tbls blown sugar.
After peeling potatoes, soak them into warter for 5 min to remove harsheness.

Boil them for 8min and add mirin, blown-sugar, and sake.

Lastly add tsuna and soy-sauce, and boil them for another 8-10min until soften.

That's it! Very tasty, and piece of cake. This is one of my favorite receipes which I want keep it secret! People like tsuna and people like potatoes, so this is very good combination.
I am very sad about the news that bluefin tsuna quota will be limited according to IWC. This decision was made a couple of moths ago. I guess because the number of people all over the world are including to eat tsuna like Japanese do. In order to keep this resouces and equivalent fish catches for consumers in each country, this decision was made... Since we consume lots of tsuna including raw fish weekly basis, I can hardly imagine how it will be reduced and expensive more than now(><)


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