May 30, 2007

Kaga Yasai (?o?)

Kaga Ysai refers to traditional vetigoitables which are most likely produced in Kanazawa, Ishikawa-prefecture, where is 5-hour drive from Tokyo.

This is jumbo sized cucumber(Kaga-buto), which taste is mostly same as original cucumber. Firstly peeling and remove inside seeds.

Cut them into small pieces and boil with two tbls of sake, mirin and soy-sauce, and then add startch with warter. Serve with a little bit of ginger.

Rotus root miso-soup:

Grate lotus root and mix with miso-soup, which is unusual way to eat. Strange feeling on the tongue, but very DELICIOUS.


Pick only leaves and boil them in hot warter with one tbls of salt for 3 min and drain and immerse in cold warter to cool and seal in color. Serve with ginger or soy sauce.

These vegitables are categolized in Kaga-yasai in Japan and these cannot be produced in other area, and contains different nutrition comparing to similar vegitables. We have also Kyo-Yasai which is produced vegitable in famous Kyoto. Receips are very simple and takes only few min, but contain rich nutrition for each.


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