March 05, 2007

NASUBI v(^ ^ v

Here's two ways of simple-easy NASUBI recipes:

Ingredients: Big eggplant, grind meat, miso-paste, ginger, sugar and sake.
Split a eggplant and make an incision in them in order to be well cooked. During heating an fry-oil, mix with ginger, sugar, vinegar, miso-pate and sake. Cook grind meat and mix with them.

Fry two eggplants. Place it in a bawl and put a meat-sauce on it.

If you prefer non-fat NASUBI dish, here's "WA"-taste.
Grill eggplants until
soften or turned balck outside, after pricking with a needle.

Make a dashi-soup with a tbls soysauce.

Right after grilled, put it under running warter upside-down and pealing quickly.

Serve them with dashi-soup and grind ginger. Make them cook in summer season.


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