May 14, 2007

Mochi with Oroshi-daikon (^__^)v

Very healthy way to eat rice cake!

Most likely people eat MOCHI(rice-cake) for the celeblation of New Year begin, or winter season, but this recipe is good for spring-summer season if you are Mochi fan!
Ingredients: Two piece of MOCHI, radish, gumbos, dashi-soup, one tbls of soy sauce and green onion.

Grated radish and cut okura(gumbo) and green onion into small pieces.

Boil two cup of warter and add dashi of bonito or kelp. After boiled, add soy sauce and salt. Add grated radish, heat few mins.

In the mean time, baking mochi on the other burner. Put them in a bowl, Daikon-soup and on top of that, garnish with onion and gumbo.
Piece of cake! and very healthy. Mochi is a little bit rich in calories, but grated radish play a role in the difestive process. Mochi is very versatile food like pasta or rice, so can be arranged with various sauce or soups.


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