August 26, 2007

Yamaimo ball (^=^;)

Another recipe of Yamaimo(yam). Ingredients: Yamaimo, Edamame(green soybeans), 2 tbls of salt, Korean dry seaweed, and salad oil.

Boil Edamame with salt for 8 min and then pick each beans out. Grind Yamaimo into gruel. If it soak into vinegar, your hands wont feel itchy.

Mix them with salt well, scoop up with spoon and then wrap with Korean seaweed. (Bigger one is better to wrap)

Heat salad oil and fry them few min.

Have them with soysauce, salt or Japanese/Chinese pepper. Yamaimo is well known as nutrial fortication or relieving fatigue... Can be eat as it is raw, but since this doesnt taste much, it matches well with Korean sesami oil taste seaweed. It is one of Izakaya(Japamese bar) menu ^^


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