September 11, 2007

Egyptian fast-food (^ ^

Visited a restaurant of Kushari, which is well known in Cairo, Egypt!

Kushari is national food. It consits of rice, macaroni, and short spaghetti. Fried garlic, lentils and salsa sauce are covered as a topping. Stirring well before eat. Kushari is one of most popular ,dishes and fast-food like McDonalds in Egypt. I only paid $2-3 and served seconds after I ordered!

It tastes someting like spicy favored pasta, but not too hot. Usually served with vinegar and spicy tomato sauce(silver pottery) to be added.

I saw many women who covered black cloths from top of head to toe because of Islam country. I am not familiar with those who constume like that in public, so curiously tried to find a chance how they eat. A woman who has beauuuuutiful eyes attracted my attention. Had expected she took the face cover, but she just flipped her face cover up quickly only when she spoon into their mouth...(^ ^;

I bought another fast-food shop where has many customers wating in line.

Ordered Kushari again :-D and also Egyptian style
sandwitches. Scramble egg and meat like baked bacon were between with Egyptian
pita, Eesh. Eesh is flat like pita.
I like this colaboration very much.

Comes with colorful pickles and vinegar for Kushari.
I lefted them actually...

Will update next Egyptian food experience


At 11/11/2008 06:35:00 PM, Anonymous Pandora said...

Keep up the good work.


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