September 18, 2007

Pigeon (? ?)v

It was first time for me to have pigeon in my life.

Taste is ... of course, like roast chicken. I had pigeon cooked in charcoal, cant tell the big differences of bbq wing, but not thick. Tasted also like very much muscles. Delicious much than I had expected.

Went to Carful, grocery store, in Maadi area where is new residential area, about 40 min drive from the center of Cairo. Very much tired of heavy traffic jam...

Seems like most people go outside after sunset due to extreme heat during a day. I have never seen such floods of people in any Carful! I saw lots of lots of people including kids in this store in spite of 11pm....Of course no tourist is coming to this store, so people look at me curiously.

Pork, meat, chicken....rabbit?!

Should be cooked in charcoal like piegeon, or...?

Looks delicious other fish in Meditteranean sea such as sole...

I decided to buy saffron, because its price is one third of Japan price.
Stood in line for cash register...waiting, waiting....about 30 mins.

OK that is enough.
Soooo tired of shopping.


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