November 29, 2007

Mushroooooom pasta (^__^)v

This is my facvorite recipe whenever mushrooms left in a corner of fridge.
Ingredients: any mushrooms such as Shimeji, Eringi, Shiitake e,g,.,Cod egg(ovum), butter, Japanese harbs, and dried seaweed.

Get rid of all eggs from outside skin, then mix with butter of tbs in a bowl.

Saute mushrooms with olive oil, white wine, a drop of lemon juice, salt and pepper in a small pan.

Boil spaghetti for 8 mins and mix with eggs and mushrooms after drain off the water.

Cut basil and seaweed in rectangles, then garnish them on top of the spaghetti!
Fish eggs are mostly high in calories, but you may be amazed with this perfect combinations and also wa-taste pasta.


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