December 10, 2007

OKOWA v(@ @)v

Following mashroom pasta last month,,,, this is mushroom OKOWA, which is steamed mochi-rice.

Ingredients: Mochi-gome(mochi rice), simeji/shitake/maitake(any kinds of mushrooms), mitsuba(any green for garnish), soy sauce, sake and dashi-soup.
Soak mochi-rice in water for one hour.

In the mean time, cut mushrooms into bite-size and season them with soy-sauce, sake and salt.

Any dashi-soup can be available. I used dried-kelp this time. Hidaka kelp is the best made in Hokkaido!
Drain off water from mochi-rice, and put mochi-rice and pour water just enough eo cover in a big pot.

Turn the heat to medeium and cook it for around 15mins. After make sure water gone, turn off heat and leave it and steam well for 5 mins.

Mix chopped stems well then garnish with leaves in the end. Cool off on kitchen paper which can also absorb moisture.

Looked outside window... I saw Mikoshi-march for autumn festival in my
neighborhood. They left shirine and carried heavy Mikoshi(miniature
shrine?!) with men&women, walk around the city with calling out, and
back to shrine. It was wonderful autumn day to see traditional Japanese
festival, and fall flavor with OKOWA.


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