June 30, 2008

Food paradise, Hakata (^3^)/

Rock of monkey!

Can you figure out how this rock of monkey looks like? According to people in this area, this profile looks different by seasons. Never seen such a rock which has full of expression.
Hakata is a ward of Fukuoka city, located southern island of Kyusyu. Fourth biggest city in Japan and ther're lots of local unique food.

This is called 'Mizutaki' that is a hot pot of chicken. Start with thick soup made of chicken broth and chopped chicken, and then add any vegitables you like. We're closing with Udon that is made of wheat. It contains rich of collagen, so very popular for women as well.

This is 'Yatai'food. Yatai means open-air stall. There're about a hundread of street venders along street in the city. The difference between Hakata vender and other areas is that has skelton type of fridge equipped in each stall(like pic below). Customer can see food inside of fridge and can eat whatever they like. 'Ebi-chan' is the one of popular venders of open style bar. We tried to be in line, but gave up... Most venders have 'Oden', 'Yakitori' and Hakata Noodles. Very good taste. Especially Hakata noodle made with pork bone broth sopu is awsome!!

I enjoyed Yakitori dinner for the last night of stay in Hakata, which is Japanese style of skewered. So many Yakitori resaurants are gathering and smoke of coal goes outside. Good quality and inexpensive.

I learned different food culture even in such a small island of Japan. Amazed to see lots of local food I've never encounterd.


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