June 04, 2006

Filipino Lechon -food experience- ^__^ /~

Here's our food experience-II, Filipino Lechon! Lechon means pork in Philippine....yes this is roasted piglet, 1/4. Do you think we are cruel?!...but actually this was very delicious...sorry (@_@)
The taste was very oily and fatty, and roasted skin was crisp. Ears are like fried chips. (Pork chicharron of ears are popular in Philippines.) To be honest, taste was really really awesome!

You will happen to see street vender of roasted lechon in Phillippines like here:

One of my Filipino friends told me that Lechon is an integral part of Filipino life and also a traditional part of the Filipino celebration...Seems like no celebration in the Philippines is complete without lechon...!
Kanpai(cheers!)with famous San Miguel!

....for palate freshner..let me show beautiful&unique plants which I saw there:


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