June 14, 2006


Pork again:-P
Here's our Japanese pork dish, which is called 'TONKATSU'(TON means pork). This is one of Japanese favorites which my Canadian friend loves while she was here!
First of all, prepare for pork(pork tenderloin or pork loin), salt&pepper, flour, eggs, and 'panko' which is bread crumbs in Japanese. If you have time to make, making crumbs by food-processor is better than commercial one.

After pounding meat and salt&pepper, dredge in flour. In order to be coated with crumbs well, dip pork in beaten egg. If you want make thick coat, you may repeat this process again.

Fry in oil until soft. Tip is to use good fry-oil...(we usually use low-fat oil to avoid metabolic syndrome :-P)


I just look up the word of 'KATSU'in dictionary. Seems like it comes from 'cutlet' in English. I recommend Worster sauce(or BBQ sauce)&mustard with TONKATSU, but sometimes I serve with grated radish and lemon. It makes more 'Japanese' taste. Soy sauce is good, too. It reminds me of my Canadian friend who eat white rice with soy sauce, which makes me laugh:-D

'TONKATSU' can be more various, such as 'KATSU' sandwitches, or 'KATSU-DON' which is pork cutlet rice bowl with egg. 'KATSU-Curry'(TONKATSU with rice-Curry) is perfect marriage. You may be surprised with this big couple(^3^)/


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