November 15, 2007

Autumn eating: great day for Kamakura hike (^o~)v

Kamakura is located in southern Kanagawa-pre in Japan, where is well known as the historical city to see Japanese shirine/temple and big buddha.

These are Japanese noodle made of wheat flour. Each stuff in noodle bowl plays thier roll, like boiled eggs as eyes, pickled ginger as lips, fried fish sausage as nose, and big black bean as mole of big buddha's face! Such a lovely menu. Dashi-soup works well, too.

Walk few blocks from the noodle restraunt, some desearts attracted me. Left one is a mixed ice cream of green tea and purple potatoes. Right one is fried croquett.

Temples and shrine are scattered around in this area. It is not too big to cover by foot. Deliciouse air there.

SUSHI-LOVER again! Had authentic Japanese sushi dinner by the seashore. Right one is shrimp soup. Very simple taste made of shrimp dashi and salt.

Right one is fried blowfish, which size is less than my palm but cost $10...

Walked up to Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu, the largest shinto shirine, from seashore after dinner, came across with very traditional wedding ceremony. A grope of people dressed as old traditional style of drum and fife band appepard and then the married couple following them walked up to shrine step by step. For their privacy, I didn't take a pic of the couple, but the woman in dressing white pure KIMONO(called Shiromuku) was shinning in dark, and so beautiful. Seems like it costs a lot because of such a famouse place, but I heard it costs around $1000-2000...I wish I could have...for just my experience!


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