January 13, 2007

Chirashi Sushi ^___^ v

Easy, Simple, looks gorgeous, and everyone can make this home-style CHIRASHI SUSHI! There are three kinds of Sushi such as, oval-shaped Sushi, rolled Sushi(California roll is the one of), and Chirashi(arrangement on top) Sushi. 'Chirasu' means verb to express action, 'sprinkle' in Japanese.

Ingredients: two eggs with sugar of two tbls, griled eel, two cucumbers, Japanese basil, and salmon caviar.
Rubbing cucumbers with salt and leave them half an hour.

Cut grilled eel.

Beaten eggs and mix with blown sugar of two tbls, and make fried egg and cut stripes.
Mix three cups of rice with vinegar and sugar of tbls. It will be more tasty if you put a piece of dried kelp when you cook rice, which enhance rice....
Now you make vinegared rice, then combine all of them! THAT'S ALL!!

It will be a good accent, and make party secen look gorgeous. Piece of cake! Guess this Japanese rounded easy&colorful dish might be the same as well-known French dish, quiche or Italian pizza. Make sure that rice should be always sticky for SUSHI. Non-sticky SUSHI cannot be 'SUSHI'.


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