November 08, 2006

Japanese Spring Rocken Roll (^o^)v

I've been lazy because I have not cooked so far...(><) Let's get back to my cooking recipe now!
The reason I love this is juicy inside stuff come out after once biting crispy skin of rolls. Good spring roll should be 'Juicy' inside.
Ingredients: Bamboo shoots, Nira(Green Chive), Chpped pork, Dried Shiitake(mashroom), bean-starch vermicelli, scallop, soysauce, dashi-doup and salt&pepper.

After make dried scallop, Dried Shiitake and bean-starch vermicelli soft by soak in warter, cook with other ingredients. This scallop is tip to make tasty Spring Roll according to my aunt(-o^)/~

Leave them untill get cool.

Wrap them, and seal the corner with warter not to open in fly-oil.

Fly them in 180℃ oil until golden.

You can put them(before fly) in freezer, so that cook/fly whenever you want. I usually do if I do not have enough time to cook or to serve for sudden guest(^^;


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