October 10, 2006

Food experience - Mongolian local food (?o?)

I flew to Monglia after I had a lot of Authentic Beijing food in China. It is first time. Local Monglian people are very friendly and warm more than I expected.
First of all, they welcomed my visit by 'Banyusyu', which is Horse Milk Sake. This is the one I wanted have before!

Seems like it is fermeted for a couple of months after they took horse milke . Taste was....toooooo sour(><). Some people cannot have one, but I was able to do. I guess we are not just familiar with that kind of sour taste, especially, 'Horse Milk'. People fermeted in here: 
This is butter, which is also made of 'Horse Milk'. Tast is almost the same as one made of Cow Milk, but much healthier, I think.

Lamb is the most favorite meat people have usually. Since there is no rifregerator in Gelu house, they smoke or dry them inside.

I love this shot.

Host grand-father in this Geru house is very dignified, but gentle. Mongolian family honor their Host very much, which reminds me of old-days in Japan... He is around 70, but looks so handsome while he rides on his white house like jockey.
There is a hole which is figured like sun at the top of roof in Geru House. Mongolian people belive that sun light from the roof make people inside happy, and good mentaly and spiritually. You can see shined 'Horse Milke' which reflects by sun light from top, and also how much he likes by his gentle eyes.

Enjoy some pictures which I took in Teleruji which is 40km from capital city, Ulanbaatar. Left horse is one I ride on!


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