December 17, 2006


TEMAKI SUSHI(TE=hands, MAKI=roll). Can be translated 'do-it-yourself SUSHI'! You can put inside anything you want by yourself.

Good Shari(rice) is important to enhance home-style sushi. Sushi rice should be sticky. I remember that I can hardly look for Japanese rice in NY, but you may find so-called 'SUSHI rice' in big glossary store in your country.

I've heard some young Japanese girl 'wash' white rice with dish soap (^^;, but of course soap is no needed. Just wash with cold warter several times untill warter is clear. After steamed, sprinkle with rice vinegar using a fan until cool. This fan create shinning rice.
This time I prepared Sashimi and some SUSHI items here;
this is NEGITORO. Beaten fatty Tsuna with green onion.
Rolled egg;
Hikiwari-Natto(fermented beans);
Eat, eat eat!!!:

Very easy to serve for home-party. Before serving, you may need roast dried seaweeds over fire a little bit, so that seaweed will be crispy. Two cups of rice are enough for two persons, but we had more than three cups of..(^^;;; too much!


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