November 21, 2006

WHALE (?_?)

One of my American friends curiously asked me "Have you had whale?"

I replyed 'No' at that time, but now I had! He also asked me, 'Why Japanese eat whale?', and I was not able to answer completely, but just 'this is our food culture'. Now I will add more, 'Whale is delicious!'.

This one is a part of back of whale. Taste is...fatty, like tuna, and very chewy.

Red one is a part of body of whale... If I remember correctly, this is first time to eat...I do not remember this taste well...maybe I have avoided eating, because the species getting decreased, and also heard about critisism toward our culture from overseas. Eating mammal, accoroding to him, is against his religion. I am wondering why whale now belongs not to 'fish', but 'mammal' (?_?). However, I think I cant eat dolphin, even though some local people eat in Japan.

Now here is Umibudo(green caviar). I love this! very fresh!! It looks like snake or worm, but good for your beauty(^ ^)/

Now today I had fresh (authentic) SUSHI(not California roll),

I had flied-blackmouth goosefish(Ankou in Japanese).

gyiant oystar, and miso-soup contains yellowtail(Buri in Japanese),


...sooooo full today!!! This Sushi-restraunt is in Fukushima where is located about more than 4-hour drive from Tokyo. We actually did not order any side-order, but one young man who works here sereved soup, and some pickles for us. Appreciate for his hospitality(^o ^)



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