October 25, 2006

Food experience- Genghis Khan is not Mongolian food!

Geng, Geng, Genghis Khan (^3^)/(we have 'Genghis Khan' song.)

This is authentic Mongolian BBQ.

Japanese people are very familiar with mutton bbq called, 'Genghis Khan'. We even have hot-pan for this.
In Hokkaido(northern island), mutton bbq so-called Genghis Khan is very well known because of tons of lamb there. I belived that bbq comes from Mongolia because of its naming, however, my translator told me it is not correct.
He told me about an interesting story: one Chinese guy visited Mongolia, came across mongorian mutton bbq, had a flash of insite, and started their business of "Genghis Khan" in China or other asian countries first in a different way of Mongolian.... Now, 'Genghis Khan' bbq is popular in Japan because healthier than pork or meat.
Hence, local Monglian people never eat "Genghis Khan" we Japanese usually have. Of course, Mongolian people deeply respect Genghis Khan because of father of Monglian nations, so they never ever name 'food' by taking his name.
However, I saw 'Genghis Khan beer" and 'Genghis Khan vocca' in bar and some shops.
Seems like 'alcohol' is things of extra quality more than anything, vocca and beer are allowed to name 'Genghis Khan".

Ummmmm...I guess nobody know that in Japan (^^;

This soup is made of Mongolian bbq, which is mutton soup. Very very delicious, but oily(><)
Now you can tell how Monglian getting fatty like Asashoryu(mongolian famous sumo wrestler)

They will be.....


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