November 27, 2006

CHANKO d(^ o^)b Sumo Wrestler's stew

Nabe season's coming! CHANKO is one of Sumo Wrestler's meal.

Prepare for; chpped Chinese cabbage, carrots, mashrooms, Shungiku(garland chrysanthemum), deep-fried tofu, chopped pork(or chicken), fillet, and whatever you want! 

Meat balls; mix with chicken grind meat, minced onion, egg york, and salt&pepper. Mix them well, and make balls.

Fistly, soak dried kelp into cold warter, and boil it to make Dashi. After simmering, add two tbl of soy-sauce, Katsuo-Dashi, and few salt. If you have Dashinomoto(dashi of commercial product), that will be fine, too.

Add all of vegee and meat into Nabe(pot).
After cook well, enjoy!

Very easy and healthy. Usually I add rise and beaten egg to make OJIYA(rice gruel) after eating all of vegee. This is also tasty, because of all food essence in it.

Stuffed well...can be a SUMO wrestler of Komusubi(forth highest rank in Sumo), too...

CHANKO is called for generic name of food taken by Sumo wrestlers. They mix with any vegee and pork/meat whatever you can mix with in Nabe. CHANKO contains proper balance of nutrition, and very important nutritional source for them.


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