October 17, 2006

Food Experience - Mongolian food in City

After staying Gelu house, I came back to capital city, Ulaanbaatar. I found that Lamb is the most favorited food Mongolian people love.

This is famous soup which contains veggies and Lamb. Very delicious, and tasty, but little bit oily. This soup made of Lamb-tail.

This white one is 'Lamb-tail' which contails 100% fat!!! I can tell it makes Mongolian people fatty.

This looks like Udon is wide noodle. Seems like it is popular to contain this noodle inside soup.

This is called, 'Bozu' which looks like Chinese dumpling. This one is also fatty(><)
Guess how much are all dishes??
...less than $5!!
Should we move to Mongolia?!

Afterword...lots of oil remained on my plate. Seems like most Mongolian getting fat after past 30s. I can tell the reason.


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