January 25, 2007

Niku Jaga (^-^

I would say this is one of main home-style Japanese food; Niku Jaga(meat and potatoes).

Ingredients: 3 potato, meat(200g), 1 carrot, 1 onions, kideny beans, white konnyaku, two spoons of sake, shoyu and blown sugar.
Boil white konnyaku for at least 5 min to remove harshness. Peel potatoes and carrots.

Cook chopped meat first with salt/pepper, and add potato, carrot and white konnyaku(konnyaku should not be added if you dont have).

After add soup(sake, shoyu and sato), add chopped onions and remove harsheness.

Boil them after put smaller lid than a pot. We call this 'Otoshi-huta'("otoshi" means dropped and "huta" means lid), but this is important for boiled food. Because of this smaller lid than a pot, boiled juice dropped under the lid, and vegitables are soaked in this juice inside a pot. This one also avoid vegitables dancing during boil, and maintain the firmness. If you do not have this kid of smaller lid, you can make it by napkins or aluminum foil by hand.

After voil until soften, add kidney beans 5 min before serve.

Besides sake or dashi-soup add, this process of 'remove harshenss of food' and 'dropped lid' play a very important role. I have experience to share kitchen and cook with some friends, but never seen friends who do these two things. This delicate action is only for Japanese food? I'd like to know which or what kind of food are made in cook process.


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