February 22, 2007

$100 lunch - WAGYU (^3^ /~

Does it worth it?

I had $100 WAGYU lunch in Shimbashi. WAGYU means Japanese COW, which is usually double priced of US one. ..
Starter was a corn soup including pearl-sized tasty corn, and then fresh salad with grilled salmon was served. Soooo fresh. Just fresh. Good stuff in it.

Bread which is imported from Kobe.

Easy to chew. Outside hard parts should be easy to chew, which is my top priority for oishi bread. 'Heel' parts (restraunt owner told us outside parts are called 'heel') of this bread are tasty which I've never had. I really like it more than inside white soft.
Now here is a main dish. 200g awarded-stake which is grilled with only salt and pepper. Very simple. Midum-welldone is the best condition for me to tast quality of meat.

The reason of expensive price WAGYU such as Kobe-gyu, Matsuzaka-gyu, e.g,. is that more maited and improved than others. This WAGYU is one of them. It is taken a long time to be "food", and also for feeding procedure as well.
I would say, "yes!" to my first question!


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