February 06, 2007

TSUKUNE hamburger (?o?)

TSUKUNE hamburger is made of grind chicken, so healthier than beef hamburger.

Ingredients: 200g grind chicken, salt&pepper, sake, seaweed, green onion, blown sugar, two tbls of strach, ginger and soy sauce.
Mix with grind chiken, greenonion, strach, ginger and salt&pepper by hand.

Cut seaweed about 0.4 in, mix with chicken, divide to four and make them round.

Heat salad oli on fry pan, put them and bake until blown first, and then add sauch contains soysauce, sugar, and sake. Cover it with a lid until cooked.

Serve them after cooked! If you like ginger, you may add more and mix them. Good smell of harmony with salty seaweed and gigner. Can be called "Teriyaki TSUKUNE hamburger".

This might be the healthiest next to TOFU hamburger. Tsukune is popular. Tsukune means kneading and make like ball by hand. We have many kinds of Tsukune such as Tsukune Yakitori(BBQ), Nabe(stew), or boiled one. Instead of chicken, there is mince fish Tsukune as well.


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