August 02, 2006

Onsen Dinner ( ^ - ' )b

I went Hakone Onsen last month! Hakone is located in Kanagawa prefecture, and 'Onsen' means hot spring!

This is one of famous dishes here in Hakone. One small pot was served for each. A small candle under the pot makes boiling and keep it warm, so I could have warm 'Tonyu Nabe' which contains some vegitables such as celery cabbage, mashrooms and pieces of meat with 'soybeans' soup. Very healthy taste.

This is an appetizer. Egg Tofu with some echinoid sauce, salmon caviar, nameko mushroom with soysauce taste DASHI soup. We call this 'Otoshi' which means starter for first bite with beer in Japanese.

Now, here is my favorite dish, authentic SUSHI again! These are local fish collaboration(^ ^)v. Jush FRESH. At the right corner of first line in the picture is "Namashirasu" (whitebait). Very fresh as you see the transparent, and some white laddish and ginger enhace the taste.
Enjoy the pictures of fish market I visited in here!



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