September 12, 2006

Goya Champul (>0<)

Here is Okinawa's traditonal dish, Goya Champul (Bitter melon)

"Goya" I show here is not food company's name!, but this is bitter melon. Champul means "scrambled up" or "messed up!" in Japanese(mostly used in Okinawa area).

Ingredients: 1 Goya, 2 eggs, chopped pork, dashi-soup, sesami oil and salt&pepper. (you can add tofu as you like)
Cut Goya lengthwise into two, and remove the white seeds inside with spoon.

Boiling Goya with hot warter 1-2 min in order to remove its harshness, and soak them into cold warter. This process is important to keep them fresh.

Heat sesami oil in a frying pan, and cook chopped pork and Goya gently with salt&pepper, and mix with beaten eggs with two cups of dashi-soup.

Goya is well known as brim with good nutrition, and vitamin C. I heard it makes blood circulation well, even though it is too bitter...but port oil eash its harshness, so very good combination.
Add Katsuo-bushi if you like! I mostly don't mix with Tofu, but if you make this healther, that will enhance this.


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