April 12, 2007

MISO-KATSU dagaya (- - ;


Ingredietns: Pork chuck (200g), 1 onion, bread crumb, wooden spit. Miso-sauce: read soy paste, sweet sake, brown sugar and sake.
Cut pork into small pieces and oinion, too.

Skewer them with wooden spit alternaly, and coat them with flour and beaten eggs.

After that, coat them with bread crumb. I sometimes process bread in blender, so that it makes beig fly butter.

Fry them in oil until turned brown.

In the mean time, make miso-sauce. Mix with 150g red miso paste and other stuff. After mix well, put it into 150 cc dashi-soup and mix well again over a burner. Tips are mix well gently, and add some sugar with tasting.

Enjoy with hot-miso-sauce!!

This MISO KATSU is well known as Nagoya loal food, where is 4-hour-drive far from Tokyo. Usually serve with fresh cabbage as side-dish. Left over miso paste can be used for some veggie as well. Miso paste, red miso soup and miso-noodle stew are favorite dish and represent of food culture in Nagoya. We have various kinds of miso, but this red miso is produced based on soybeans and very rich taste.