November 15, 2009


Okuizome is a ceremony in hopes that children would never worry about food in future. Of course the baby cannot eat anything yet but milk, however, pretend to eat in this ceremony. It usually occurs 100th days after birth when the baby start weaning.

It may differ by region, but I prepared normal style, which has grilled red bream, sekihan, boiled chicken and vegitables, vinegard dishes, and clam soup. Sea red bream is usually used at cellebration, because it sounds similar to the word of 'mede-tai' which means felicity.
You may notice the stones on the plate. I picked up some at shinto shrine in hopes that new healthy tooth would grow for him. Of course I returned them after this.
This is a historical and traditional ceremony continued since Heian-era. Usually his/her parents, and grand parents join this, so they are happy to see their grand baby and also it is warming to bond tightly together.