March 26, 2006

How to finish SAKANA! v(*o*)v

How do you finish eating "SAKANA" (which means fish in Japanese)?

I assume Asian is really good at eating fish with chopsticks!

I grilled a red porgy and green asparagus with olive oil, garlic, kapers and salt&papper in a hot fryingpan.

Chopstics are better to finish SAKANA gently!

DONE! Very well!!

Do you want to eat eyes of fish,too?! Honestly, I can't...but my dad likes eat (@_@)... I heard fatty part of around fish eyes have some nutrition such as DHA and vitamin...(but actually I am not sure!)

March 23, 2006

BREAK - Japanese Handmade Pottery v(^v^)v

Break! Here's to introduce our lovely handmade Japanese Pottery today:

A set of KYUSU and two tea cups: Kyusu means small teapot in Japanese. Tea strainer is inside to make Japanese green tea.

Handy size of handle is to make tea easier. We usually have green tea or hoji-tea after eating, to help digestion.

Ceramic plate.

You can put a cup and small sweets on it.
The size is almost the same as a mousepad.

It must enhance anything when you serve to guest.

A big bowl!
You can put some sweets like cookies, or may put some green in. This deep chic color makes good accent on a table.

March 16, 2006

SUSHI v(^o ^)v

California roll? That is not "SUSHI" (`v`)# !!!!!
Here's authentic Japanese SUSHI $$$ More fishy fishy....

Tsuna, Fatty Tsuna, salmon roe, boiled shirimp, sea egg, rolled egg, squid, and sea eel....etc. I guess these are main kinds of SUSHI in this picture. We had wonderful sushi at the side of sea in one of famous Shizuoka area, Numazu.

If you are bored of eating, here's "KANI" miso soup. You can suck small meat inside of crab, too.

March 14, 2006

TOP SHELL with soy source (-_^)/


Grill one on a hot plate. Maybe takes 10 to 15 min....If you see boiling inside, add a drop of soy sauce, and grill again a few minuites.

OISHI-----(means 'yummy' in Japanese) (-_^)/

Don't forget to take left soup at last (if you add few drops of SAKE in it, will be delicious, too!!!)

March 06, 2006

OZONI (#^ ^)/

This looks strange?! Here's MOCHI we Japanese love!

My OZONI is a little bit different from authentic one, because I simmered with meat, carrots and leek like "SUKIYAKI style".

Grill Mochi like this:

During grilling, cook chopped leek with sesami oil gently, and add one-bite size meat, carrots and you may add spinich if you like.Add also two cup of warter, soy-source, little bit sake, and two spoon sugar. Boil them gently until tender. Put grilled Mochi in a bowl and add the soup into as well.

ENJOY (#^0^)/~

*Remember, one single rice(not lice) cake is equivallent to two bowl of rice! means...high calorie...(@_@)