June 23, 2009

Wing tip: local dish in Nagoya

Sweet flavord wing tip is one of popular dishes in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.
Ingredients: wing tip, starch, salad oil, soy sauce, garlic, sweet sake(mirin), sake and black pepper.

Season wing tip with black pepper. Put them with starch into a plastic bag and shake well to be coated.

Leave them for a while. In the mean time, make sweet sauce: sliced garlic, 2 tbls of soy sauce, sweet sake(mirin), sake and balck pepper. Adjust it with tasting.
Deep fry wing tip in oil: 180c till brown.

Drain off fat and souce them in well. Tips are to fry till crispy and also souce them while chicken is hot. Enjoy with ice-cold beer on a hot day!