July 20, 2007

Hong Kong Dim Sum

Gorgeous Hong Kong Lunch
This time, business trip was...in Hong Kong. Dont remember well about what we talked in mtng:-P...but ...Dim Sum!!!
SOOOOO Delicious authentic Dim Sum in Hong Kong island. Starting with pu-erh tea. This helps to digeste oily stuff. Checked red-printed menu behind tea to order.

These are my bests:Har gau and Char Siu Bao. Har gau...Shirimps are combined with white starch. Outside skin are very soft and tengiable. Char Siu Bao has grilled sweet pork is inside in bao. I LOVE THIS.

Xiao long pao....favorite one. Juicy soup is inside. Little tip to eat is to bite little top of pao and suck juice inside and then eat at once.

Chimaki(dont know how to say in English)..steamed rice with tasted vegitables and pork, and Fried Spring Roll.

Lastly....we had Custard Egg Tarts and Char Siu Bao again! Tart is must for your experience. Out side shells of Tarts are crispy, but not-too-sweet Custard in it.
Perfect lunch with tea.
Actually local and traditional Yum-cha is not for romantic time because servers push around carts, flattering of trays, people calling orders and large group of people chatting at each table. The restaurant I visited was fancy place I have never been.
Spent gorgeous time...Thank you.