November 27, 2006

CHANKO d(^ o^)b Sumo Wrestler's stew

Nabe season's coming! CHANKO is one of Sumo Wrestler's meal.

Prepare for; chpped Chinese cabbage, carrots, mashrooms, Shungiku(garland chrysanthemum), deep-fried tofu, chopped pork(or chicken), fillet, and whatever you want! 

Meat balls; mix with chicken grind meat, minced onion, egg york, and salt&pepper. Mix them well, and make balls.

Fistly, soak dried kelp into cold warter, and boil it to make Dashi. After simmering, add two tbl of soy-sauce, Katsuo-Dashi, and few salt. If you have Dashinomoto(dashi of commercial product), that will be fine, too.

Add all of vegee and meat into Nabe(pot).
After cook well, enjoy!

Very easy and healthy. Usually I add rise and beaten egg to make OJIYA(rice gruel) after eating all of vegee. This is also tasty, because of all food essence in it.

Stuffed well...can be a SUMO wrestler of Komusubi(forth highest rank in Sumo), too...

CHANKO is called for generic name of food taken by Sumo wrestlers. They mix with any vegee and pork/meat whatever you can mix with in Nabe. CHANKO contains proper balance of nutrition, and very important nutritional source for them.

November 21, 2006

WHALE (?_?)

One of my American friends curiously asked me "Have you had whale?"

I replyed 'No' at that time, but now I had! He also asked me, 'Why Japanese eat whale?', and I was not able to answer completely, but just 'this is our food culture'. Now I will add more, 'Whale is delicious!'.

This one is a part of back of whale. Taste is...fatty, like tuna, and very chewy.

Red one is a part of body of whale... If I remember correctly, this is first time to eat...I do not remember this taste well...maybe I have avoided eating, because the species getting decreased, and also heard about critisism toward our culture from overseas. Eating mammal, accoroding to him, is against his religion. I am wondering why whale now belongs not to 'fish', but 'mammal' (?_?). However, I think I cant eat dolphin, even though some local people eat in Japan.

Now here is Umibudo(green caviar). I love this! very fresh!! It looks like snake or worm, but good for your beauty(^ ^)/

Now today I had fresh (authentic) SUSHI(not California roll),

I had flied-blackmouth goosefish(Ankou in Japanese).

gyiant oystar, and miso-soup contains yellowtail(Buri in Japanese),


...sooooo full today!!! This Sushi-restraunt is in Fukushima where is located about more than 4-hour drive from Tokyo. We actually did not order any side-order, but one young man who works here sereved soup, and some pickles for us. Appreciate for his hospitality(^o ^)


November 08, 2006

Japanese Spring Rocken Roll (^o^)v

I've been lazy because I have not cooked so far...(><) Let's get back to my cooking recipe now!
The reason I love this is juicy inside stuff come out after once biting crispy skin of rolls. Good spring roll should be 'Juicy' inside.
Ingredients: Bamboo shoots, Nira(Green Chive), Chpped pork, Dried Shiitake(mashroom), bean-starch vermicelli, scallop, soysauce, dashi-doup and salt&pepper.

After make dried scallop, Dried Shiitake and bean-starch vermicelli soft by soak in warter, cook with other ingredients. This scallop is tip to make tasty Spring Roll according to my aunt(-o^)/~

Leave them untill get cool.

Wrap them, and seal the corner with warter not to open in fly-oil.

Fly them in 180℃ oil until golden.

You can put them(before fly) in freezer, so that cook/fly whenever you want. I usually do if I do not have enough time to cook or to serve for sudden guest(^^;