April 21, 2009

Tai meshi (rice cooked with sea bream)

*Ingredients: filleted sea bream, fried tofu(abura age), ginger, 2 cup of white rice, 2 cup of dashi soup(fish broth), soy sauce, sake, salt and pepper.

Wash 2 cup of rice well and let them absorb water at least 30 mins. In the mean time, slice for half of ginger, and mice another half of one.

Season sea bream with 2 tbls of soy sauce, sake, mirin and sliced ginger beforehand, and wrap it closely and leave at least 20 mins. Chop fried tofu.

Heat salad oil and bake sea bream both side till brown, and take them out. Drain rice off water. Put rice into another pan and mix with 2 cup of dashi soup, 2 tbls of soy sauce, chopped ginger, fried tofu, and then baked sea bream on top of that.
Turn heat and cook till boiling. Cover lid at low heat and cook it for 10 mins. After that, leave and steam with covered at least 10 mins.

Remove skin and bones of fish, mix with cooked rice well and serve it.