October 28, 2009

Oseki-han(red rice) \(^o^)/

The Japanese celebrate something with red rice (sekihan). Red is a symbol color to express happiness or celebration.
Ingredients: 3cup of glutinous rice, 80g red beans, and a tbls of salt.

Put red beans in a pan and water, and boil it. After few mins, pour off the water, then add water (ab 5 cup) and boil for 20 mins again. After cool it down, separate beans and red water.

Wash the glutinous rice well and mix with red water & salt. Leave it overnight to turn the rice red.
Mix the red rice and boiled red beans. Dont throw the red water away yet.
Place a cooking cloth in a steam cooker, put the beans and rice, and cook 30 mins. Taste it. If the rice is still hard, then sprinkle the red water time to time while cooking.
Serve it with salt-and-pepper!

October 07, 2009

Fried horse mackerel(moonfish: U.S.) (^ ^) v

Horse mackerel is in season, and I bought 9 portions with 100yen!(appx USD1):

Ingredients: Japanese horse mackerel (Moonfish), panko, flour, 1 fresh egg, salt&pepper, salad oil, onion, mayonnaise, and milk.
Cut fish into fillets. Firts of all, remove fish scale of each side, then head and inner parts.
Wash them under running cold water. Continue to remove inside bones.

Pat them and season with salt&black pepper. Coat them in batter: flour, egg, and panko. Repeat for all.
Deep fry untill crisp.
Enjoy with tartar sauce. I make tartar with mayonnaise, chopped onion, vinegar and tbls of milk.