September 17, 2008


Guess this is my own way to cook Yamunsen, but this is one of my favorite Thai food.
**Ingredients: Bean-starch vermicelli(50-60g), shrimp, mini-tomato, dried shrimp, garlic, nam pla(fish sauce), hot redpepper, celery, lemon, onion, and fresh coriander.
Put dried shrimp back in water at least 10mins. The same as bean-starch vermicelli in hot water for 10min and drain off.

Boil shrimp untill color turned. In the mean time, slice celery, onion and cut a mini-tomato into 4. Rub sliced onion with salt to remove harshness.

Mice fresh garlic, dried shrimp and dried red hotpepper. Put them in a pan with salad oil and turn heat. If it starts to smell, add shrimp and bean-starch vermicelli well. Put them into a bowl and mix with tomato, sliced celery and onion.

Make dressing with 2 tbls of nam pla, lemon juice and brown sugar. Add sugar more with tasting. Mix dressing with all together, and serve with fresh coliander if you like.
Vegitables, herbs, and shrimps...this is perfect healthy combination and sharpens dinning up!

September 02, 2008

GOYA-chan (^ v ^)v

GOYA, better gourd is a one of summer vegitable. Chicken tasted sweet sauce makes this vegitable less bitter and delicious.
**Ingredients: 1 Goya(bitter gourd), chicken 200g (ground pourtly), panko, soy sauce, brown sugar, egg and salad oil.

Slice GOYA in rounds, and scoop seeds and white bitter part with spoon. During soak them into salty water to get rid of harshness, ground chicken well.

Mix with ground chicken, panko and 1 egg well. Drain GOYA and put a tbls of chicken bowl onto GOYA one by one.

Heat salad oil in a pan and put and bake them well. In the mean time, make sweet soy sauce, sugar and mirin(sweet sake). Heat them in a pan until soft and sticky. Serve GOYA pate into a plate and sauce them before eat.

GOYA is well known as a traditional vegitable of Okinawa. I love such a unique bitter flavor. Contains Vitamin C a lot, and wont be lost by heat, so good combination to cook with protein foods such as egg or chicken.